Saturday, October 10, 2009


grr. both the teams i'm rooting for are now down 0 and 2 in the ALDSs. once again, i realize the sox have gotten themselves out of sticky situations like this but i really don't want to have to watch an angels/yankees ALCS!

and this is completely off topic but anyone who ever has to go to DMV for anything (which i feel bad for you 'cause it sucks), don't go on a holiday weekend. they will be closed. even if the holiday is on a monday which they have off anyway. i got up at practically the crack of dawn so we could get there early and get my permit but they were closed. now i gotta either skip school or wait until next month to get it 'cause saturdays are too busy this month (between PSATs, homecoming, college visits, etc.)

and i got 4 shots yesterday which is normally no big deal but that tetanus one really hurt and now it hurts to lift my arm past my shoulder. it's a darn good thing i'm not a lefty.

and i also had an epic fail yesterday 'cause i ran into the whiteboard in spanish class during a game and i knocked it off the clips. yes. i completely broke the clips and knocked down the whiteboard. luckily my spanish teacher was more concerned about me than the board (i'm fine, just a bruise/scratch on my hip where i ran into the tray), and she said the board had to come down anyway to install the smartboard. phew. but omg was it funny. we couldn't breathe 'cause we were all laughing so hard.

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