Sunday, October 25, 2009


well for starters i probably should've clarified why i haven't posted since thursday but i had too much going through my mind to remember that. i was in upstateish new york visiting ithaca college 'cause they have sports media (journalism and stuff) as an actual major which is awesome. my whole trip was one big ohmygawd. omg i'm so excited. omg how long is this frickin' car ride. omg where are we. omg civilization. omg i'm tired. (next day) omg too early. omg this campus is beautiful. omg this place is cool. omg this sports media program is amazing (with a minor omg in this is really competitive). omg this food is good. omg this college is expensive. and finally omg i don't want to leave!

all i can say is that i'm torn.

two more wins for the angels and they'll be facing the phillies. game 6 tonight at the land of crappy foundations.


Ellie said...

college hunting. i still have another year but i had to spend a summer along for the ride with my sister. we went to a few places in upstate ny. (one was binghampton and i don't remember the others)

mandachan said...

i've been on two so far (i also went to WPI only 'cause david dragged me there) and whaddaya know, both times it has rained.
it was fine, just a long ride.