Thursday, October 15, 2009


just a few weird things today i feel i should write about since the postseason is no longer interesting and i don't feel like bombarding you with more videos right now.

first off, this week is spirit week. and it is probably one of the easiest spirit weeks i have seen. i mean, the days were pirate day (which was the hardest), pajama day (which actually took a step out of most people's routines), tie-dye day (which most people own 'cause of sports) and class color day (which is just wearing the primary color that represents your class).
exactly. mad easy, right? but someone who shall remain nameless (*coughcough*) refuses to participate in what is the easiest thing ever on the principle that they have "no emotional connection to the school and dressing up and looking crazy is stupid." hello! that's what halloween is about: dressing up and looking stupid and having fun while doing it. besides, school has more sentimental value than most people think. and to think that two semi-civilized people could have a fight over a tie-dye shirt. *sigh*

on a sorta lighter note, today was also marked by another one of our school's classic "epic fails". i was in spanish class, about 15 minutes til school got out and the fire alarm went off. no big deal, we went outside... in the cold... and rain... and were held out there until like 2 minutes before the end of school. at this point, we were all freezing and wet and had figured something was wrong, we had heard that it was either an actual fire (i wouldn't've been surprised, food caught on fire in home ec freshman year and we had to evacuate) or a gas leak down in the shops area.
yeah. about that. i got home and received a message from the school saying the fire alarm went off 'cause the sensor in that hallway was being stupid and went off out of the blue. i mean, they spend enough time fixing the gosh darn things, you'd think they would work properly.

and finally, we had to fumigate the house today for a carpet treatment thing so i got the pleasure of coming home to a house that was a balmy 46 degrees. i'm surprised i can even type.

4:23pm: and now it's snowing. SNOWING. IN OCTOBER. what the heck.

blarg. this weekend will be busy with homecoming game/dance and PSATs and that sorta crap. you know, the usual routine.

and PS: for anyone that reads my webcomic, i swear i posted the strip of darkness before xkcd posted its all-black strip. i'm just psychic and awesome like that :)

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