Thursday, October 29, 2009

i love this.

The 'Ropolitans is an awesome blog. And this awesome blog has an even awesomer poll on it about the World Series. Now, I don't know which team you're rooting for in the Series, but what I do know is that I'm not sure what I like more about the poll, the fact that "Meteor" is an option or that 50% of the votes on the poll are for said "Meteor". Because nothing says "I love baseball" more than wanting to blow up the Fall Classic.

Hooray for the concert tonight. And if I hear anyone else call it a chorus concert, I shall put them in a headlock along with the next person and smash their heads together. It is not a chorus concert. It is a combined concert, meaning chorus and band. Yeah. Band. You know, that thing with the instruments and the songs that you actually have to think about and have an imagination to understand the story? I realize no one really likes band, and that the tickets sell out only because of the choruses, but you can't ignore us. Especially when we're the opening act.

'Tis all. Happy Thursday.

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