Saturday, October 31, 2009

clear the roads!

Tie up your pets! Secure your mailboxes! The Mandachan has her permit!

Haha, I'm only kidding. Well, not about the me having my permit part. That's true. I'm talking about the me being a crazy driver, which I don't think I will be but since I've never sat in the driver's seat other than to turn the radio on, you never know. I'm actually quite terrified of it. I blame all those movies we had to watch in driver's ed about people having self confidence and then crashing and burning and dying. :P

And yes, I am awesome for getting it on Halloween :)

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone know if ninjas and secret agents can get along? 'Cause if not, then Houston, we have a problem ;)

Whatever. Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Happy Day of the Dead prep!


Ellie said...

congrats! i have exactly 2 and a half months until i can get my permit, i'm so excited!

mandachan said...

thanks! i technically could've gotten it back in august but i had band camp the week of my birthday and i didn't know i could get it on a saturday til recently and yesterday was the first day that worked.