Sunday, October 18, 2009

another lame title

seeing as i just woke up and i am tired and trying to procrastinate on history homework.

so for your CS baseball recap. yankees ahead 2 and 0, phillies/dodgers tied at 1 apiece. i honestly don't care anymore but i figure that someone who will read this likes any of those 4 teams.

eh, homecoming was alright. we had to have a huge photo shoot beforehand and i loathe getting my picture taken, there was at least one other girl there wearing my dress which isn't a shocker for a $35 kohls dress, the yankees/angels game was sorta making me mad, i'm a complete dancing failure and the best part was me and a few friends skipping through the hallways towards the end doing the hokey pokey but other than that...

exciting stuff coming this week. maybe.

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