Saturday, October 3, 2009

...aaand i am drawing a blank

(not the book, even though that was one of the better books i've read in a while)

i apologize for the lack of interestingness, though the postseason will start sometime next week, pending the tigers and twins don't have a big AL central tiebreaking deathmatch that takes up a lot of time. i'll keep you posted with hopefully some baby recaps of how the sox do against the angels, but i start drivers ed next week plus i have to work on thesis paper stuff so the posting might be a bit sparse.

ugh i am so tired right now. we had a quasi-movie night last night with the cast of "drowning in turtles" (you know, all 3 of us) which really didn't even involve watching any movies. we played a few games, realized there was nothing of importance on the tv aside from the red sox winning and the rays beating the living daylights out of cc sabathia, stargazed a while even though it was cloudy and almost fell asleep while listening to the who. unfortunately, i am not one to function well late at night, and being with friends in a really relaxing setting doesn't really help.
and then this morning i had to go dress-shopping for homecoming, which actually wasn't all that bad. i just felt weird for showing up to kohls dressed like a bum in a crappy pair of jeans and my royals shirt and walking around carrying a decent-looking dress. and remind me again why girls have to wear sucky shoes to things like dances?

so yeah. postseason, miscellaneous school crap, lack of sleep. yippee. and a shoutout to a certain friend for a "happy 6 <3" (this person knows who they are)


Ellie said...

nobody at my school actually went to the homecoming dance, so this year they finally decided to cancel it. when the announcement was made everybody sarcastically booed. it was kinda amusing.

mandachan said...

that is great. i wish everyone here was that nonchalant about homecoming. everyone always freaks out about it and gets mad when i say that i'd rather stay home and watch postseason baseball (it's cheaper and will spare me the horrors of trashy dancing and crappy music)

The EGE said...

:) ♥

mandachan said...