Monday, September 14, 2009

um, yeah.

this is a fair warning to all you faithful readers: do not run the wrong way on an escalator. it is very tempting, but it will end in tragedy. i found out the hard way. needless to say, whoever is in charge of the video cameras underneath the arena at mohegan sun must've had a field day watching me fall. everyone who found out about the story is in a toss-up between "OMG are you ok?" and "OMG i can't believe you were stupid enough to actually try that."

as for your baseball recap, the red sox swept a double-header against the rays to eliminate the skidding floridians, and the royals and rangers both won but alex had the day off and salty still hasn't played yet.
and speaking of alex, check out this great picture i found of him the other day:

(he just looks so happy. and his hair/stubble makes me laugh.)

hopefully timmy's back will be all good for his start tonight against the rockies.

and as a final thought, hobbling around with a bum knee SUCKS. especially in school. where there's stairs. and i have to choose between safety/comfort and efficiency during the rush hours of between classes.

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