Wednesday, September 16, 2009

too busy!

between homework and trying to deal with my busted knee, i'm wiped.

so yeah. sox are on a 6-win streak, including dice-k's first start last night since june in an 4-1 win over the angels. they're 5.5 games ahead in the wild card.
royals have also been on a streak (2 wins but still), and even though they're eliminated, they have been doing really good lately, and they won 11-1 against the tigers last night.
timmy pitched the other night, 9-1 win over the rockies. i've already said this but he REALLY needs a haircut.
danny pitched last night, getting his 14th win, 4-2, over the padres. he also had a single.

ok that's it. again, i apologize for the scattered posting but i'm swamped.

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