Saturday, September 5, 2009

*slaps self on hand*

i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'm busy! and i'll try to make this quick!

first, congrats to the EGE (aka david) for 500 posts. i'm jealous.

second, a quick recap:
sox creamed the sox 12-2. unfortunately, the red sox weren't the ones doing the creaming.
lincecum had a semi-CUG the other night, losing 2-1. darn you, pedro.
dan haren pitched 6 innings last night in the d-backs' 5-4 loss but he did amazing hitting-wise, getting a double and a run and a sac fly.
salty is off the DL but won't be able to catch for a while 'cause of his arm so he'll just be used for pinch-hitting or -running.
and as much as i hated alex getting demoted, he's beasting it up in triple-A. he's had multi-hit games the last few days and it is nice :)

ok, more next week.

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