Saturday, September 26, 2009

not bad. not bad at all.

obviously i'm talking about the football game i went to last night. we ended up beating the other team 48-0, but luckily it wasn't all in the first half so we didn't have to keep playing "on wisconsin" when they kept scoring. i don't think the seniors would've wanted to do that many push-ups, either. the best part, though, was that the other team's mascot, which was a black panther, came over to our stands and started dancing with the cheerleaders and hugging our band directors. it was so funny and we wanted to give the person a hi-5 for having those kinda guts.

sorry. my band geekage is done for right now.

the stankees won last night. booooo. which means the red sox lost. booooo. and so did the royals. booooo (funny photo gallery, though). and lincecum lost. booooo. basically, anyone i cared about either lost or had an 0-fer. booooo.

and i have a lot of homework this weekend which means i can't go to the big e with my dad! booooo!

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