Friday, September 25, 2009

no more.

(darn last post was #404. i should've done an error post.)

anyway, the red sox managed a series split with the royals and last night's 10-3 win. my boys did pretty good too, with ellsbury racking up 3 hits, 2 runs and a ribbie, and alex going 2 for 4 (with an error but that's ok, it happens).
no more red sox/royals 'til april 7-9 and may 27-30 of next year. already counting down ;)

on a more depressing note, the connecticut defenders are also a "no more". they are officially moving to richmond, virginia this offseason. which makes me sad. defenders games were a lot of fun to go to, we got good seats cheap and saw generally good games, and it was really easy for us to just drive and go see a game some night. and there was also the slight chance that if lincecum got injured or sucked, i'd get to see him pitch...
fingers crossed that the single-A team that is s'posed to come and play at dodd stadium next year is a good one.

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