Wednesday, September 30, 2009


but not in the way we would've liked. texas lost to the AL west champion angels, so even though buchholz got hammered last night (6 home runs is never a good thing. unless it's on our side), we still got the wild card.
the royals lost a close one with the yankees (yes, you heard me right), walk-off 4-3. alex kinda sorta sucked in the part i saw, striking out twice and committing an error but he had a single and a run so that sorta makes up for that.

and now for some lovely pictures, courtesy ESPN, the kansas city star and boston dirt dogs.

i can guess what came out of his mouth when he let that ball go by. (hint: it starts with an "s" and ends with a "t")

dangit alex! quit playing with your gum and field the gosh darn ball! :)

if i hadn't known better, i would've thought that lind was getting tickled to death.

and a lovely picture of the typical "papelbon being papelbon" in '07's AL east clinching. obviously more of a celebration than last night.

'tis all. i'll have a good one for ya tomorrow :)

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