Tuesday, September 22, 2009

boo for television premieres

because of the 2-hour house premiere, me and my all-intentive purpose of watching the game got ousted from the tv. so i was basically SOL until i got my radio out and listened to the game that way. i ended up listening to the exciting part of the game, where dinardo was running into some issues and 1 run turned into 6. i also heard alex getting that rbi single (he went 2 for something with a single and a double and 2 rbis and a run) and ellsbury getting his 2-run single (that was all he did), so my wish was partially fulfilled. hopefully i'll be able to physically see my boys tonight, 8:10.
ps: in case you didn't hear, the royals won 12-9.

and as a little minor side note thing, i understand the whole postseason beard thing, and some people, like danny, are known by that, but it just doesn't work on other people. take the phillies' jayson werth, for example. he looks like a legit caveman in that ESPN article online.
that's all. off to enjoy food and homework and piano.

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