Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*another sigh*

sox are (gack!) 9 games behind the stankees, salty hasn't played in a while, alex isn't out of triple-A yet and i'm starting to think that it'll take a miracle for the sox to make it into the postseason far enough so i can spend a good chunk of homecoming watching the game like i have the past 2 years.

games tonight, don't remember when except the rangers have a doubleheader and timmy's pitching tonight for the giants.

and happy birthday to bobby parnell, gil meche and p!nk.


Ellie said...

maybe the doubleheader will mean eric wedge finally lets joe smith pitch again. it's kinda weird that it's been over a week.

Ellie said...

forget that comment. he's injured. it figures.

mandachan said...

poor joe. i hope his knee feels better.