Saturday, September 19, 2009


it's actually kinda pathetic that it took me this long to get to 400 posts but i'm busy and even though i don't really have much of a life, i still have homework and other miscellaneous shtuff to do.

so anyway. sox won last night on buchholz's 5-hitter (he has just been amazing lately which is really good as the sox continue on their wild card run). ellsbury had 2 singles, an RBI and stolen base #62, and he hit a home run on thursday which i missed but that's still cool.

royals creamed buehrle and the white sox 11-0, and alex had a double and a run.

and this is late news, but i didn't really want to ruin the dan haren birthday post with the news that salty has to have season-ending surgery on monday to fix his TOS. obviously i'm bummed but i'd rather see him get it fixed rather than play through it and suck or have something worse happen as a result of the untreated TOS.

and with that, i am now going to begin freaking out about my AP bio test on tuesday and all the crap i have to fill out for the NHS application. ugh.


The EGE said...

Congrats on 400 posts!

This. Is. Bigger. Than. Sparta!

mandachan said...


you know, i was half expecting you to rat me out about freaking out about NHS. this is a lovely surprise.