Wednesday, September 30, 2009


but not in the way we would've liked. texas lost to the AL west champion angels, so even though buchholz got hammered last night (6 home runs is never a good thing. unless it's on our side), we still got the wild card.
the royals lost a close one with the yankees (yes, you heard me right), walk-off 4-3. alex kinda sorta sucked in the part i saw, striking out twice and committing an error but he had a single and a run so that sorta makes up for that.

and now for some lovely pictures, courtesy ESPN, the kansas city star and boston dirt dogs.

i can guess what came out of his mouth when he let that ball go by. (hint: it starts with an "s" and ends with a "t")

dangit alex! quit playing with your gum and field the gosh darn ball! :)

if i hadn't known better, i would've thought that lind was getting tickled to death.

and a lovely picture of the typical "papelbon being papelbon" in '07's AL east clinching. obviously more of a celebration than last night.

'tis all. i'll have a good one for ya tomorrow :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

random stuff

ok so i don't have much to write about but my dad sent me this awesome video and i finally figured out how to upload it so watch it OR ELSE

Monday, September 28, 2009

remind me again...

...why i used to count down the days of summer vacation 'til the start of school?
ugh i hate homework. i hate deadlines. i hate not being able to fit everything in my backpack. and i hate that the homework load plus working on my thesis paper could pose problems with me covering postseason and offseason news. that being said, posting shall be a tad light until decemberish but i'll try to get the important stuff up.

now, all that needs to happen is for the red sox to win the wild card and do awesome enough in the playoffs for me to be able to waste homecoming by watching the game, and lincecum and zack greinke need to win the cy youngs.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

not bad. not bad at all.

obviously i'm talking about the football game i went to last night. we ended up beating the other team 48-0, but luckily it wasn't all in the first half so we didn't have to keep playing "on wisconsin" when they kept scoring. i don't think the seniors would've wanted to do that many push-ups, either. the best part, though, was that the other team's mascot, which was a black panther, came over to our stands and started dancing with the cheerleaders and hugging our band directors. it was so funny and we wanted to give the person a hi-5 for having those kinda guts.

sorry. my band geekage is done for right now.

the stankees won last night. booooo. which means the red sox lost. booooo. and so did the royals. booooo (funny photo gallery, though). and lincecum lost. booooo. basically, anyone i cared about either lost or had an 0-fer. booooo.

and i have a lot of homework this weekend which means i can't go to the big e with my dad! booooo!

Friday, September 25, 2009

no more.

(darn last post was #404. i should've done an error post.)

anyway, the red sox managed a series split with the royals and last night's 10-3 win. my boys did pretty good too, with ellsbury racking up 3 hits, 2 runs and a ribbie, and alex going 2 for 4 (with an error but that's ok, it happens).
no more red sox/royals 'til april 7-9 and may 27-30 of next year. already counting down ;)

on a more depressing note, the connecticut defenders are also a "no more". they are officially moving to richmond, virginia this offseason. which makes me sad. defenders games were a lot of fun to go to, we got good seats cheap and saw generally good games, and it was really easy for us to just drive and go see a game some night. and there was also the slight chance that if lincecum got injured or sucked, i'd get to see him pitch...
fingers crossed that the single-A team that is s'posed to come and play at dodd stadium next year is a good one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

gotta be equal opportunity

i guess, since i saw all the action of tuesday's game, i guess it's only fair that i saw absolutely nothing of interest in last night's game except for ellsbury's 2 Ks and alex's 1-pitch flyout. of course ellsbury did much better afterwards with a triple and a run, but alex had a quiet night so i'm not too concerned about missing that.

it's both my boys! in one picture! <3

so yeah. series (*sniff*) finale tonight at 8:10. i'm gonna bring my radio to open house tonight so i can listen to the game while selling spirit week t-shirts for class advisory.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

heh. talk about fluff.

i only ended up watching 3 innings of the game last night but saw all 5 royals runs and both of my boys go up to bat twice so in the grand scheme of things, i saw what i needed to. i was surprised they left byrd in there so long after he bombed the first inning.

i'm gonna leave it at that as i wallow in my misery over getting a sucky grade on my ap bio test and the fact that i'm getting dragged into school activities i don't want to do (the person i'm referring to knows who they are).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

boo for television premieres

because of the 2-hour house premiere, me and my all-intentive purpose of watching the game got ousted from the tv. so i was basically SOL until i got my radio out and listened to the game that way. i ended up listening to the exciting part of the game, where dinardo was running into some issues and 1 run turned into 6. i also heard alex getting that rbi single (he went 2 for something with a single and a double and 2 rbis and a run) and ellsbury getting his 2-run single (that was all he did), so my wish was partially fulfilled. hopefully i'll be able to physically see my boys tonight, 8:10.
ps: in case you didn't hear, the royals won 12-9.

and as a little minor side note thing, i understand the whole postseason beard thing, and some people, like danny, are known by that, but it just doesn't work on other people. take the phillies' jayson werth, for example. he looks like a legit caveman in that ESPN article online.
that's all. off to enjoy food and homework and piano.

Monday, September 21, 2009

and now for a more meaningful red sox/royals series

since alex will actually be playing this time. i wore my royals socks in commemoration seeing as today was part one of picture day and i would've gotten yelled at if i had worn a baseball shirt in the picture.

so yeah. game time 8:10 ET at the big k. i wish i could stay up and watch the whole game but i have a massive AP bio test tomorrow and staying up til 11 watching baseball the night before a big test is not a good idea.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


it's actually kinda pathetic that it took me this long to get to 400 posts but i'm busy and even though i don't really have much of a life, i still have homework and other miscellaneous shtuff to do.

so anyway. sox won last night on buchholz's 5-hitter (he has just been amazing lately which is really good as the sox continue on their wild card run). ellsbury had 2 singles, an RBI and stolen base #62, and he hit a home run on thursday which i missed but that's still cool.

royals creamed buehrle and the white sox 11-0, and alex had a double and a run.

and this is late news, but i didn't really want to ruin the dan haren birthday post with the news that salty has to have season-ending surgery on monday to fix his TOS. obviously i'm bummed but i'd rather see him get it fixed rather than play through it and suck or have something worse happen as a result of the untreated TOS.

and with that, i am now going to begin freaking out about my AP bio test on tuesday and all the crap i have to fill out for the NHS application. ugh.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

mini post!

sox won, royals lost, rangers lost but we have a birthday to celebrate today!

is it bad that i laugh whenever i see him referred to as "danny"? 'cause i do. i can't help it.

oh well. happy 29th, danny!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

too busy!

between homework and trying to deal with my busted knee, i'm wiped.

so yeah. sox are on a 6-win streak, including dice-k's first start last night since june in an 4-1 win over the angels. they're 5.5 games ahead in the wild card.
royals have also been on a streak (2 wins but still), and even though they're eliminated, they have been doing really good lately, and they won 11-1 against the tigers last night.
timmy pitched the other night, 9-1 win over the rockies. i've already said this but he REALLY needs a haircut.
danny pitched last night, getting his 14th win, 4-2, over the padres. he also had a single.

ok that's it. again, i apologize for the scattered posting but i'm swamped.

Monday, September 14, 2009

um, yeah.

this is a fair warning to all you faithful readers: do not run the wrong way on an escalator. it is very tempting, but it will end in tragedy. i found out the hard way. needless to say, whoever is in charge of the video cameras underneath the arena at mohegan sun must've had a field day watching me fall. everyone who found out about the story is in a toss-up between "OMG are you ok?" and "OMG i can't believe you were stupid enough to actually try that."

as for your baseball recap, the red sox swept a double-header against the rays to eliminate the skidding floridians, and the royals and rangers both won but alex had the day off and salty still hasn't played yet.
and speaking of alex, check out this great picture i found of him the other day:

(he just looks so happy. and his hair/stubble makes me laugh.)

hopefully timmy's back will be all good for his start tonight against the rockies.

and as a final thought, hobbling around with a bum knee SUCKS. especially in school. where there's stairs. and i have to choose between safety/comfort and efficiency during the rush hours of between classes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i'm a bad fan

yes i realize yesterday was ellsbury's birthday so therefore i should've done a birthday post but i was swamped, between homework and being a band geek at the local fair.

so instead you get this.

happy 26th birthday extended, ellsbury!

luckily, all is not lost, as ellie also did a post. thanks for saving my butt, there, ellie :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

guess what today is...

yeah sorry don't have much today. aside from the awesome date. and that alex got called up but you already know that. and that timmy got scratched from his start 'cause of back issues which sucks but madison bumgarner got the start instead which is cool 'cause he's a former defender.

happy birthday to michael bowden, kyle davies, michael buble (yeah i know there's an accent, it won't let me put it in) and mario batali.

have fun. danny pitches tonight.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just kidding!


*another sigh*

sox are (gack!) 9 games behind the stankees, salty hasn't played in a while, alex isn't out of triple-A yet and i'm starting to think that it'll take a miracle for the sox to make it into the postseason far enough so i can spend a good chunk of homecoming watching the game like i have the past 2 years.

games tonight, don't remember when except the rangers have a doubleheader and timmy's pitching tonight for the giants.

and happy birthday to bobby parnell, gil meche and p!nk.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

*slaps self on hand*

i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'm busy! and i'll try to make this quick!

first, congrats to the EGE (aka david) for 500 posts. i'm jealous.

second, a quick recap:
sox creamed the sox 12-2. unfortunately, the red sox weren't the ones doing the creaming.
lincecum had a semi-CUG the other night, losing 2-1. darn you, pedro.
dan haren pitched 6 innings last night in the d-backs' 5-4 loss but he did amazing hitting-wise, getting a double and a run and a sac fly.
salty is off the DL but won't be able to catch for a while 'cause of his arm so he'll just be used for pinch-hitting or -running.
and as much as i hated alex getting demoted, he's beasting it up in triple-A. he's had multi-hit games the last few days and it is nice :)

ok, more next week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another quick update

'cause i have homework i gotta do

sox beat rays 8-4

i don't remember the rangers or royals game scores but i'm mad right now 'cause salty is having issues with his arm again so there's a chance he might not come back this season. and now alex had to miss the last few AAA starts 'cause of his shoulder EDIT: jk he didn't miss last night, he went 1 for 4 with a 2-run home run. now back to what i was saying. obviously i want the best for my guys and the teams but i also want them back so i'm torn.

yeah, salty, i know, i'm bummed too...