Thursday, August 6, 2009

what else is new

yeah i know i know kick me now. i'm taking yet another hiatus this weekend 'cause i'm going camping. i apologize...yeah actually no i don't. i'll be back sometime sunday afternoon so i'll be able to resume normal posting schedule on monday.

also in the "why am i not surprised" department, the sox lost to the rays 6-4. uggghhh. and now we're 2.5 games back. double uggghhh. darn rays series. and it's not like i can blame evan longoria for it this time 'cause he had an 0-fer last night.

and not even the royals game can save me 'cause they lost to the mariners 11-6! so, so far the only redeeming quality of last night was that alex went 3 for 5 with a 2-run home run (!) and 2 runs and obviously 2 RBIs.

geez, alex, calm down. don't look so excited ;)

oh, right. they also had a break in the middle of the game 'cause a cat got onto the field. good stuff.

the other redeeming quality of last night was me going tubing with my friend laura and it was a lot of fun and i am actually too wiped out from it. i can tell you that there will be tubing-related comics coming from "drowning in turtles" at some point so watch out for those.


Ellie said...

you're not missing anything. the royals are on mlb network in new york and boston markets but alex isn't playing.

mandachan said...

ok that's good. seeing as recap boy failed.