Tuesday, August 4, 2009

that could've been disastrous

since there was no sox game, i ended up persuading my parents to let me watch the d-backs/mets game last night. oh boy did figueroa have a sucky night. 6 runs on 10 hits, 3 being home runs, 1 walk and no strikeouts. all in an inning and 2/3. luckily, danny didn't totally throw away his run support. he was amazing in the first 4 innings, and it got a little hairy in the 5th and 6th when he let the mets catch up a bit while the offense was taking a break, but he ended up having a 7-inning outing and getting the win.

the rangers lost to the a's 3-2 and salty had an 0-fer. bummer. EDIT, 11:53am: but the DP he grounded into was an RBI ground out, so that's good.

i wasn't aware that "flinging" the bat was a professional term, but apparently now it is.

and i love the height difference. it always looks like he's gonna pummel the pitcher when he goes out to the mound 'cause he's usually taller than whatever pitcher is out there (here, it's cj wilson. he had a pretty darn good blog but he doesn't update it anymore).

everyone else had the day off.

and i didn't realize how fast someone's batting average can drop, even this late in the season. at this point, i'm just asking for my guys to have a semi-respectable average and for alex to be over the mendoza line.

sox @ rays (7:08), mariners @ royals (8:10), rangers at a's (10:05)


Ellie said...

cj doesn't update his blog anymore but he has twitter. and he's really amusing. (@str8edgeracer)

mandachan said...

yeah i saw that. his old posts were good though...

Caroline said...

Danny's ERA is now at 2.38...why does he always do so horribly after the all-star break?

mandachan said...

i have no idea. it kinda sucks. i guess those guys on ESPN weren't kidding.