Wednesday, August 12, 2009

running on 3 hours of sleep and instant coffee powder

ugh i'm tired. i stayed up to watch the perseids meteor shower with david (of amateur geek fame). and the sucky part is that we didn't really see very many. dang moon. dang haze. oh well. 3am conversations about random crap can't be beat :)

sox beat the tigers again last night, 7-5, and there was a bench-clearing brawl in the 2nd inning. i can sorta see where youk was coming from, seeing as the tigers' pitcher on monday night plunked him in the exact same spot, but brawls always turn out sucky 'cause the starters always get involved and then they get fined/benched for a few games.

and the royals creamed the twins 14-6. and alex hit two doubles. yaaay.

and the rangers lost 5-0 to the indians, salty had an 0-fer.

rangers @ indians (7:05pm), tigers @ red sox (7:10pm), royals @ twins (8:10pm) and timmy's pitching against the dodgers at 3:45pm wow that's an early game...


Ellie said...

the sad part about the brawl is that rick porcello is hot. he completely took down youk. that was pretty amazing.

and i wasn't sure what to think of the indians game. i want the rangers to make the playoffs but joe smith is one of the people that beat them. oh well.

mandachan said...

i saw a few pictures of the brawl and there was one where he had youk pinned, and there was another one where it looked like they were hugging. but when watching the video it almost looked like porcello was scared of youk (he tried to run away, but most people probably would)

gotta love that divided loyalty! <3