Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rant time

i think i deserve one.

read these 4 links if you want, but they all say the same bum-out-ing thing: alex got demoted to triple-A omaha so they could make roster space for farnsworth. i guess some of what they're saying has some truth, like the fact that he was thrown into the whirlwind of trying to make the royals better before he was actually ready (i mean, he jumped from double-A to the majors), and it'll apparently give him a chance to regroup, but that doesn't make it any better.

gah! why do all the bad things always have to happen to my boys near my birthday?! i mean, alex went on the DL last year a few days before and ellsbury cut himself up crashing into a wall actually on my birthday, and this year salty went on the DL about a week ago and now alex is a minor-leaguer! of all times to do this!!!!
6:26pm: and now salty officially has TOS. will this ever end?!?!

though, as a silly side note, the picture in the last one made me laugh 'cause his hair is long-ish and now that i'm used to it being short, it looks kinda silly. but in a cute kinda way.


sox won, rangers lost, giants won but lincecum didn't get the win.

that is all. carry on.

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