Tuesday, August 25, 2009

now back to our scheduled programming

sortof. it'll still be a bit sparse until school starts, maybe even after that.

ok so since most of the contents of my birthday weekend wouldn't interest many and don't really have anything to do with the blog anyway, i'll just recap about the games i went to.

defenders/b-mets, saturday: so. i learned 2 things about eating tacos. #1, taking a little drink tray regardless of whether i needed it was a very good idea as it minimized the spillage, and #2, when getting an autograph from a player, i needed to make sure my hands were clean beforehand or, better yet, i should've been more observant, gotten the autograph first (potentially a few more) and then eaten my tacos.

taco shmoo or not, i got brandon crawford's autograph and that is awesome.
the defenders had a walk-off win on a 2-out, bottom-of-the-ninth, down by one, full count 2-run shot, which is the 2nd walk-off i've seen there. the whole time the guy was up to bat, i was chanting "2-run home run, 2-run home run" and once he hit it, everyone knew it was gone.
i also got a giants beanie that was part of the promo :)

unfortunately, the pawsox lost their game on sunday against the ironpigs, 4-2, but it was my first time at mccoy stadium and it was really nice. most of the seats were in the shade, the seating was... well, very stadium seating-like (if anyone has been to the gershwin theater and sat in the balcony, it's like those seats), which was great, and we were in foul-ball territory just past the screen behind home plate so we were really close. i knew a lot of the players from watching the sox, like josh reddick, jeff bailey, charlie zink, etc.

and that is my story. now, off to band camp and superhero day. i'm gonna deck someone in my squad if i'm the only one who participates.


The EGE said...

shut up.

mandachan said...

hey, you didn't get decked. be happy.

i wouldn't be THAT mean anyway.
and yes that's the truth.

Maelstrom said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Mandachan! :)

mandachan said...

aw, thanks :)