Saturday, August 15, 2009

another short post

since it's hot out and i don't really feel like doing a whole one.

sox beat rangers 8-4, royals lost to the tigers 1-0, and dan haren won the game the other night but i don't remember the score.

i also went to a defenders game last night, they won 6-5 in 10 and it was probably one of the best played games i've seen there. of course, most of the defenders runs occurred while i was talking to baseball card guy up in the concourse, but that's ok. i more felt bad 'cause baseball card guy went through his whole stash to try to find a salty card for me (he psyched me out with a teagarden one) and couldn't find one, but i got another alex card and another dan haren card.

just as an FYI, the next two weeks will be light on the blogging 'cause i'll be at band camp, but i'll be one of the in-charge people so i get to go around and annoy everyone else with the cowbell and there will be no stopping me! :)


The EGE said...

Woo for being evil in band camp. We don't need to be awake, anyway...

mandachan said...

i have to spend my 16th birthday at band camp. i think i'm allowed to be a malicious cowbelling upper-classman.