Sunday, August 2, 2009

another book review post!

i know, it's been a long time since i've done one of these but i don't really get to read much, especially with school.

so. in this episode of "book time with mandachan"...
no, that's lame.
anyway, i just finished reading drawing a blank, or, how i tried to solve a mystery, end a feud, and land the girl of my dreams, by daniel ehrenhaft and trevor ristow. as the title suggests, it's an incredibly random book but i liked it because it was so unexpected and adventury. i also liked how it was written in the main character's mindset; basically, what was on the page would be what a 17-year-old graphic novelist loner kid would think. and as an added bonus, every few chapters there would be a comic that sorta pertained to what was happening in the story.

summary: loved it. was mad it ended.

i'll have an epically awesome baseball post for ya tomorrow :)

ps: happy birthday to wakefield and grady sizemore!

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