Monday, July 27, 2009

yet another vacation recap

nyc was pretty cool. it's way too crowded for my tastes (i'm obviously more of a boston baby) but we did get to see a lot of neat stuff. and wicked was AMAZING!
and for those of you with the impulse to ask, no i did not wear my sox hat. i wore my royals hat. i figured that even though i would get more weird looks (even though i didn't see any), it would go over a little better than wearing a sox hat. i did see about 6 people with sox hats or other boston-related stuffs on, though.

sox lost to baltimore last night 6-2, ellsbury went 2 for 4 (and it sucks 'cause they lost the AL east lead over the weekend and now they're 2.5 games behind the evil empire)
rangers beat the royals 7-2. of course, all the runs occured after i stopped watching the ESPN gamecast in the 6thish inning. alex went 1 for 3 with an RBI, and salty went 2 for 4 with 2 runs. i actually freaked out on saturday when i saw the injury update, saw how the swine flu has been going around the rangers and saw that salty had to sit out a few games with flu-like symptoms. he's all better now, though. hopefully.

royals @ orioles (7:05pm), a's @ red sox (7:10pm), tigers @ rangers (8:10pm), and lincecum is pitching against the pirates tonight at 10:15pm

and as for that post a while back that had blogger spazzing out at the html, it was basically just a bunch of links that ellie and i swapped over facebook. they're hilarious.


Ellie said...

even though i've obviously seen all of the links i still went through the pretty colors to make sure.

mandachan said...

besides, i can watch those and still laugh at most of them even though i've watched them over and over again. especially the alex ones :)