Thursday, July 23, 2009

on the road again

yeah, i know, i know i'm slacking off but my last post had my computer spazzing out at me. and besides. i'm going to new york tomorrow as a premature birthday present. TO SEE WICKED! i think that's an acceptable excuse :)

besides baseball is making me mad right now BUT HOLY EFF MARK BUEHRLE PITCHED A PERFECT GAME!!!!

have fun while i'm gone. call if it's important.


Ellie said...

i'm just a tad excited about the whole mark buehrle perfect game thing. no big deal

mandachan said...

i thought of you when i first saw the article. i cut it out of the newspaper :)

and i love how buehrle had to stop his press conference 'cause president obama called him to be all like "hey awesome job"