Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh geez

let's see:
  • sox lost to the a's 6-0, sox got 2-hitted (bay and green), smoltz got the loss (poor guy) and nomar garciaparra had 2 hits and an RBI in his first return to fenway since he left in '04
  • rangers lost 9-4 to the angels, salty was 1 for 4.
  • randy johnson got put on the DL 'cause he messed up his shoulder. great. now who's gonna be the 2 in the giants' 1-2 punch?
  • not that this has anything to do with people i care about but holy crap did the reds get creamed last night. 22-1. good god. those 10-run innings will kill you. trust me. i know.
  • on a lighter note, the royals beat the tigers 4-3, and alex went 0 for 2 in his DHing with double-A...but he got walked 3 times and scored twice so in the grand scheme of things... he also played 3B the other night but had a throwing error but hey, you can't be perfect.
oh well. hopefully tomorrow will be not quite so bad.


Ellie said...

and mike jacobs hit the game winning homer for the royals =)

mandachan said...

yup :)