Thursday, July 9, 2009

no sleeping in today

my ride is coming at like 8:20. this is gonna be one epic wii session. neither of us are gonna be alive enough to pick up the remote :)

anyway, it got a little hairy last night but the sox were able to hold off the a's for a 5-4 win and wakefield's AL-leading 11th. and they did a slow-mo of his knuckleball after he struck out a bunch of guys (oh, they looked like total idiots when they swung) but it was probably one of the coolest things i have ever seen 'cause usually you can see the spin on a fastball, curveball, changeup, whatever but i think the knuckleball did a half of a rotation by the time it reached the plate. it was really cool to watch. i like slow-mo for those sort of things.
the rangers beat up the angels in an 8-1 game and DANGIT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO AWESOME ON SALTY'S DAY OFF?!
the royals lost 3-1 to the tigers and the double-A nw arkansas naturals had the night off so no alex rehab recap for you.

here's an interesting blog post i found this morning on bringing diamond back(s). of course, i saw the title and got all excited, but it does bring up a good point. dan haren has been amazing this season but not much credit is given to him because even though he pitches well, a lot of times he just can't get the run support, whereas lincecum has good pitching outings like his CGs and shutouts, but even if he does have a few issues, his teammates will be there with the run support. unlike caroline, i'm not going to take sides because they're both pretty darn awesome. and besides, if the season keeps going the way it is, both of them will be in contention for the NL cy young so i'll be happy either way :)

red sox vs. royals series tonight, 7:10, hochevar vs. penny. you know, i was all excited about this series when i first saw the '09 schedule back in like january but now that alex is in hip rehab, i'm kinda bummed out 'cause the series isn't so special anymore. without him, it's just like any other series. no ellsbury grounding out to alex, no conversations for me to laugh at when ellsbury does reach 3rd, no alex flying out to ellsbury, no me yelling at the tv 'cause i can't decide who to root for when alex hits the ball...
oh well. let's just hope he's healthy for the september 21st-24th series

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