Friday, July 31, 2009

no! not cool!

now that the trade deadline has officially come, i guess it's safe now to rant about the new acquisitions.

THE INDIANS GOT JUSTIN MASTERSON!!!! THAT'S RIGHT! NO MORE CUTE LITTLE SIDEARMER WITH THE HILARIOUS PITCHING FACES! i don't care that we got victor martinez! we have enough catchers/first basemen! i want masterson back!

the sox also swapped laroche out for the braves' 1B casey kotchman. and there's yet another person waiting in the wings for first base.

oh well. i guess that leaves the indians with the cutest bullpen, between masterson and joe smith. (we'll see the indians in october)


Ellie said...

i'm a part-time indians and red sox fan so this trade just confuses me. i'm not sure what to think.

mandachan said...

i'm a sox fan and i'm not sure what to think

though my stepdad was torturing me by telling me that ellsbury and lincecum would go to the yankees in the offseason. i would seriously cry if that happened.

The EGE said...

So... you don't care that we got an awesome slugger, but that we lost some dude who's apparently better-looking than me? You make me laugh, in a strange but entertaining way.

mandachan said...

ok, you know what? i didn't realize how good of a player martinez was until mike told me to quit whining about masterson and told me all about martinez's multifacetedness. so shut up.

The EGE said...

Okay, okay :)

mandachan said...

and i totally could've made a really mean comment about your first comment but i wasn't going to... at least on live internet... >:)