Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th

i'm off to a birthday party for my cousin later but that's about it for my festivities.

i went to the defenders/senators game last night, and i was a bit disappointed that the 1st-place defenders lost 9-2 to the washington nationals' double-A team, but i will admit that they do have some pretty darn good prospects (maybe the nationals wouldn't be quite so bad if they kept their prospects). i visited the baseball card guy and got the rest of my boys covered in my baseball card collection; i got 2 dan haren, a salty and a lincecum. i also got a consolation pack of vintage cards 'cause my sister was with me and not necessarily being the most behaved and she got her finger pinched in the display case so the guy gave her a pack of cards for free 'cause he felt bad. oh well.

sox lost to the mariners 7-6 in 11 innings which kinda stinks, ellsbury went 1 for 5, but wakefield broke the red sox record for career starts for huzzah for wake. the rangers beat tampa bay 3-1 and salty had an 0-fer but he got intentionally walked which is pretty awesome :). royals got shutouted by the white sox 5-zip but alex did his rehab game in triple-A last night and i'd give you the recap except i can't 'cause the game was suspended so they won't have the recap 'til the game is finished EDIT: he went 1 for 3 with 2 walks and a run, thank you alex will be doing more rehab in double-A. (oh, and ps: you gotta watch the video in the first link. it's so random and hilarious.)


The EGE said...

Oh, I don't get mentioned? =D

mandachan said...

nope, you're not important enough >:)
haha jk, i'm just trying to cut down my post lengths, that's all.