Monday, July 20, 2009


since "blarg", "mmrgh", "tired" and all of the other titles that would describe my state of not wanting to be awake are already taken >:(

yeah i lied about the monday camp recap since i was able to do it on friday. today's should technically be all about lake compounce but i'm too tired to write more than that it was fun and i went on a bunch of roller coasters and i almost fell asleep on people in the car on the way home NOT ON THE RIDES!

sox lost 3-1 (ellsbury had an 0-fer), royals lost 4-3 but alex didn't play, rangers won 5-3 in 12 (salty was 1 for 3).
speaking of alex, he didn't come back with such a bang as like a-rod for example (i would hope he wouldn't, it wouldn't've looked good), but in the past 3 games he's started at 3rd two of them and he's 1 for 6 with a walk and a run. that's not a bad start.


Ellie said...

i was watching bloopers on and one of them was alex dropping a pop-up. (but i shouldn't be talking about dropping pop-ups)

and jacoby having an 0-fer yesterday was okay because it was against halladay and he missed the 2 previous games because he was sick

mandachan said...

i wonder if it was the same popup i saw him drop in bloopers on the madison square garden channel... probably not since he just recently dropped one.

i know i freaked out when i saw he wasn't in the lineup and then saw he was sick. oh well. what're ya gonna do?