Friday, July 17, 2009

dlgm #2 - softball camp

again, i wrote too much in the notebook for me to post so i'll just say it was a good experience and that i had a lot of fun even though i didn't do as well as i hoped (i did awesome off the pitching machines and no major injuries other than skinnings and soreness and a broken zipper on my bat bag, but i only got on base once during games and it was on a HBP).

i got to watch a little of the all-star game, enough to watch lincecum not do so hot in the first inning, see dan haren's last out of the 4th and then up to the 6th. hooray for the AL's 13th straight win, 4-3. i had fun talking baseball with a few girls at camp while watching the game, even if they didn't like my guys. in fact, i got another girl to start obsessing over lincecum. that was pretty much my biggest accomplishment.

as for recent stuff, lugo got the boot (no offense but it's about time). we got good stuff coming from nick green and lowrie when his wrist heals up.
oh, and this isn't recent really but the sox took 3 of 4 in the royals series so yay for that.

and speaking of the royals, GUESS WHO IS OFFICIALLY OFF THE DL?!?! THAT'S RIGHT! ALEX! WOO! FINALLY! let's hope he comes back to full awesomeness soon! :D

let's go alex!

and timmy! (gotta love how dressy halladay is and how awesomely casual lincecum is)

and danny!


The EGE said...

*That* is the stupid hat he wore!

mandachan said...

it's his little beanie wool hat thing. he always wears that.

and ps you gotta use html for the formatting.