Thursday, July 9, 2009

dangit forgot something

yeah i know i hate doing extra posts but this is important.

since i probably won't be able to post this weekend, i just wanted to forewarn you that on sunday, i'm leaving for softball camp, it's until thursday. which means i'll not only be not able to post much about the red sox/royals series (and complain about alex not being there), i won't be able to report on the all-star game and that sorta stuff. of course, karma will probably have alex return early and either of my pitchers pitch a no-no before the break (gosh wouldn't that be nice...)
it's just really bad timing for all this.

whatever. sending my best wishes to my readers... even though one of them won't even see this 'til sunday late... and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all's fair in baseball and softball. i'll do another dlgm and do another ginormous post (or two) when i return. don't miss me too much! :)

ps: if by any chance someone needs to contact me and it's REALLY important, like if alex did come back early or dan haren or lincecum actually did pitch a no-no, feel free to email me. it's in my profile.


Ellie said...

haha. i'm looking forward to the NL no-hitting the AL in the All-Star game

mandachan said...

as long as it's a lincecum/dan haren no-no, that's fine by me :)

i won't be here to see it anyway