Monday, July 6, 2009

and the winner is...

well technically all the people voted to the all-star roster are 'winners'...

AL starters:
- C: joe mauer, twins
- 1B: mark teixeira, the evil empire >:(
- 2B: dustin pedroia, us :)
- SS: derek jeter, the evil empire >:(
- 3B: evan longoria, rays
- OF: jason bay, us :) ; ichiro suzuki, mariners; josh hamilton, rangers

there are a lot of AL reserves but the important ones, for me, anyway, are... well, pretty much just youk. beckett, pap and wakefield got the pitching staff nod (this is actually wake's first all-star game which is cool)

and funny how it is that out of my official "5", the only two that got voted in were the pitchers who i couldn't vote for anyway. i wasn't surprised. so far, starting pitchers for both teams have not been announced.

kinsler and sandoval for the final vote!

as a whole i'm pretty cool with this lineup. except for the 1B and SS starters and other members of the evil empire but that's a given.

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