Wednesday, July 1, 2009

*air bubble*

since that was all i could bring myself to say when i saw this headline: "O's erase 9-run deficit in 7th, 8th to stun BoSox". i mean, for crying out loud we were up 9-zip after the 4th inning! how could we just give that up?! smoltz was doing awesome but once he was done, "the bullpen blowup of '09" happened. that's what it is deemed now since no other non-profanity-laced nickname will suit it. it was a good game to start too, ellsbury even hit a home run but that ruined it. i'm upset. *pout*
the sucky part is that last night went well for my other boys who played but the sox game kinda ruined it. dan haren got his 7th win, 6-2 over the reds with 9 Ks, and he even contributed with his first home run not only of the season but ever, and a double (and he got thrown out at home but that's ok) so i take back what i said about the d-backs not giving him any run support.

and look! he shaved!

the rangers beat the angels 9-5 and salty also hit a double but that was it.

k, well i guess those two games made me feel a bit better but i'm still not that happy about it >:(

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