Friday, July 31, 2009

no! not cool!

now that the trade deadline has officially come, i guess it's safe now to rant about the new acquisitions.

THE INDIANS GOT JUSTIN MASTERSON!!!! THAT'S RIGHT! NO MORE CUTE LITTLE SIDEARMER WITH THE HILARIOUS PITCHING FACES! i don't care that we got victor martinez! we have enough catchers/first basemen! i want masterson back!

the sox also swapped laroche out for the braves' 1B casey kotchman. and there's yet another person waiting in the wings for first base.

oh well. i guess that leaves the indians with the cutest bullpen, between masterson and joe smith. (we'll see the indians in october)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i like his thinking

even though i'm not a fan of matt "mr. big nose" garza, especially after last year's ALCS, i like his thinking. for some reason, yankees pitchers like to plunk garza's teammate evan longoria, and chamberlain decided to play a little "duck" music for longoria last night, so garza purposely hit mark teixeira to get back.
“I just kind of got tired of people brushing him back,” Garza said. “It’s about time someone made a statement. They did it on Monday night and we didn’t do anything, they didn’t do it too much (Tuesday) and (Chamberlain) did it again tonight. I hate to be that guy, but someone had to take a stand and say, ‘You know, we’re tired of it.’ You can go after our best guy, well, we’ll make some noise too, and that’s what happened.”

a high-5 for garza right there. unfortunately, the yankees won.

everyone else i watched lost too so i'm not even gonna bother.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wins and comics

basic gist of today's post

sox won 8-3 last night and the bats broke out against the a's into 14 hits including pedroia's home run in the first, adam laroche's 2 doubles, drew's and lowrie's doubles and ellsbury's triple (he went 3 for 5 with a run).

the royals beat baltimore 5-3, alex went 2 for 4 with a walk.

the rangers won 5-2 but salty had an 0-fer.

and finally lincecum pitched yet another CG, a 4-2 win over the pirates with a career-high 15 Ks. wow. that's a lot of strikeouts. he leads the league with 183. (the next highest number of Ks is 159, held by justin verlander of the tigers)

royals @ orioles (7:05), a's @ red sox (7:10), tigers @ rangers (8:05) and dan haren pitches against cole hamels and the phillies tonight at 9:40.

as for the comics part, a few friends and i have started a webcomic, it's called "drowning in turtles" ("turtles" meaning the unit of awkwardness and referring to the incredibly awkward yet hilarious study hall we all shared last year and which the comic is based from). it'll be incredibly irregular as we get started but i have one up so far. enjoy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

yet another vacation recap

nyc was pretty cool. it's way too crowded for my tastes (i'm obviously more of a boston baby) but we did get to see a lot of neat stuff. and wicked was AMAZING!
and for those of you with the impulse to ask, no i did not wear my sox hat. i wore my royals hat. i figured that even though i would get more weird looks (even though i didn't see any), it would go over a little better than wearing a sox hat. i did see about 6 people with sox hats or other boston-related stuffs on, though.

sox lost to baltimore last night 6-2, ellsbury went 2 for 4 (and it sucks 'cause they lost the AL east lead over the weekend and now they're 2.5 games behind the evil empire)
rangers beat the royals 7-2. of course, all the runs occured after i stopped watching the ESPN gamecast in the 6thish inning. alex went 1 for 3 with an RBI, and salty went 2 for 4 with 2 runs. i actually freaked out on saturday when i saw the injury update, saw how the swine flu has been going around the rangers and saw that salty had to sit out a few games with flu-like symptoms. he's all better now, though. hopefully.

royals @ orioles (7:05pm), a's @ red sox (7:10pm), tigers @ rangers (8:10pm), and lincecum is pitching against the pirates tonight at 10:15pm

and as for that post a while back that had blogger spazzing out at the html, it was basically just a bunch of links that ellie and i swapped over facebook. they're hilarious.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

on the road again

yeah, i know, i know i'm slacking off but my last post had my computer spazzing out at me. and besides. i'm going to new york tomorrow as a premature birthday present. TO SEE WICKED! i think that's an acceptable excuse :)

besides baseball is making me mad right now BUT HOLY EFF MARK BUEHRLE PITCHED A PERFECT GAME!!!!

have fun while i'm gone. call if it's important.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i've been trying to post what i needed to for like the past hour but it keeps spazzing out on me so i'll try and post it tomorrow.

sorry 'bout that.

i promise i'll try to get it up ASAP tomorrow

Monday, July 20, 2009


since "blarg", "mmrgh", "tired" and all of the other titles that would describe my state of not wanting to be awake are already taken >:(

yeah i lied about the monday camp recap since i was able to do it on friday. today's should technically be all about lake compounce but i'm too tired to write more than that it was fun and i went on a bunch of roller coasters and i almost fell asleep on people in the car on the way home NOT ON THE RIDES!

sox lost 3-1 (ellsbury had an 0-fer), royals lost 4-3 but alex didn't play, rangers won 5-3 in 12 (salty was 1 for 3).
speaking of alex, he didn't come back with such a bang as like a-rod for example (i would hope he wouldn't, it wouldn't've looked good), but in the past 3 games he's started at 3rd two of them and he's 1 for 6 with a walk and a run. that's not a bad start.

Friday, July 17, 2009

dlgm #2 - softball camp

again, i wrote too much in the notebook for me to post so i'll just say it was a good experience and that i had a lot of fun even though i didn't do as well as i hoped (i did awesome off the pitching machines and no major injuries other than skinnings and soreness and a broken zipper on my bat bag, but i only got on base once during games and it was on a HBP).

i got to watch a little of the all-star game, enough to watch lincecum not do so hot in the first inning, see dan haren's last out of the 4th and then up to the 6th. hooray for the AL's 13th straight win, 4-3. i had fun talking baseball with a few girls at camp while watching the game, even if they didn't like my guys. in fact, i got another girl to start obsessing over lincecum. that was pretty much my biggest accomplishment.

as for recent stuff, lugo got the boot (no offense but it's about time). we got good stuff coming from nick green and lowrie when his wrist heals up.
oh, and this isn't recent really but the sox took 3 of 4 in the royals series so yay for that.

and speaking of the royals, GUESS WHO IS OFFICIALLY OFF THE DL?!?! THAT'S RIGHT! ALEX! WOO! FINALLY! let's hope he comes back to full awesomeness soon! :D

let's go alex!

and timmy! (gotta love how dressy halladay is and how awesomely casual lincecum is)

and danny!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i'm baaaack

that's right. but again, sorry, no real post til like monday. my weekend's packed and i don't feel like posting right now.

hope you didn't miss me much :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dangit forgot something

yeah i know i hate doing extra posts but this is important.

since i probably won't be able to post this weekend, i just wanted to forewarn you that on sunday, i'm leaving for softball camp, it's until thursday. which means i'll not only be not able to post much about the red sox/royals series (and complain about alex not being there), i won't be able to report on the all-star game and that sorta stuff. of course, karma will probably have alex return early and either of my pitchers pitch a no-no before the break (gosh wouldn't that be nice...)
it's just really bad timing for all this.

whatever. sending my best wishes to my readers... even though one of them won't even see this 'til sunday late... and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all's fair in baseball and softball. i'll do another dlgm and do another ginormous post (or two) when i return. don't miss me too much! :)

ps: if by any chance someone needs to contact me and it's REALLY important, like if alex did come back early or dan haren or lincecum actually did pitch a no-no, feel free to email me. it's in my profile.

no sleeping in today

my ride is coming at like 8:20. this is gonna be one epic wii session. neither of us are gonna be alive enough to pick up the remote :)

anyway, it got a little hairy last night but the sox were able to hold off the a's for a 5-4 win and wakefield's AL-leading 11th. and they did a slow-mo of his knuckleball after he struck out a bunch of guys (oh, they looked like total idiots when they swung) but it was probably one of the coolest things i have ever seen 'cause usually you can see the spin on a fastball, curveball, changeup, whatever but i think the knuckleball did a half of a rotation by the time it reached the plate. it was really cool to watch. i like slow-mo for those sort of things.
the rangers beat up the angels in an 8-1 game and DANGIT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO AWESOME ON SALTY'S DAY OFF?!
the royals lost 3-1 to the tigers and the double-A nw arkansas naturals had the night off so no alex rehab recap for you.

here's an interesting blog post i found this morning on bringing diamond back(s). of course, i saw the title and got all excited, but it does bring up a good point. dan haren has been amazing this season but not much credit is given to him because even though he pitches well, a lot of times he just can't get the run support, whereas lincecum has good pitching outings like his CGs and shutouts, but even if he does have a few issues, his teammates will be there with the run support. unlike caroline, i'm not going to take sides because they're both pretty darn awesome. and besides, if the season keeps going the way it is, both of them will be in contention for the NL cy young so i'll be happy either way :)

red sox vs. royals series tonight, 7:10, hochevar vs. penny. you know, i was all excited about this series when i first saw the '09 schedule back in like january but now that alex is in hip rehab, i'm kinda bummed out 'cause the series isn't so special anymore. without him, it's just like any other series. no ellsbury grounding out to alex, no conversations for me to laugh at when ellsbury does reach 3rd, no alex flying out to ellsbury, no me yelling at the tv 'cause i can't decide who to root for when alex hits the ball...
oh well. let's just hope he's healthy for the september 21st-24th series

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

that's better.

the sox beat the a's 5-2, beckett got his 10th win and ellsbury went 2 for 3 with a double and a run and a walk.
the rangers won 8-5 against the angels and salty was 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs and a run (and an error but we won't go there)
royals lost to detroit 8-5 buuut the more important part is that alex went 2 for 5 in his rehab 3B-ness with a double and a home run! he had 3 RBIs for the night. i'm very pleased :D (aside from his 2nd error but whatever)

and i slept in til 8:30 today :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

oh geez

let's see:
  • sox lost to the a's 6-0, sox got 2-hitted (bay and green), smoltz got the loss (poor guy) and nomar garciaparra had 2 hits and an RBI in his first return to fenway since he left in '04
  • rangers lost 9-4 to the angels, salty was 1 for 4.
  • randy johnson got put on the DL 'cause he messed up his shoulder. great. now who's gonna be the 2 in the giants' 1-2 punch?
  • not that this has anything to do with people i care about but holy crap did the reds get creamed last night. 22-1. good god. those 10-run innings will kill you. trust me. i know.
  • on a lighter note, the royals beat the tigers 4-3, and alex went 0 for 2 in his DHing with double-A...but he got walked 3 times and scored twice so in the grand scheme of things... he also played 3B the other night but had a throwing error but hey, you can't be perfect.
oh well. hopefully tomorrow will be not quite so bad.

Monday, July 6, 2009

and the winner is...

well technically all the people voted to the all-star roster are 'winners'...

AL starters:
- C: joe mauer, twins
- 1B: mark teixeira, the evil empire >:(
- 2B: dustin pedroia, us :)
- SS: derek jeter, the evil empire >:(
- 3B: evan longoria, rays
- OF: jason bay, us :) ; ichiro suzuki, mariners; josh hamilton, rangers

there are a lot of AL reserves but the important ones, for me, anyway, are... well, pretty much just youk. beckett, pap and wakefield got the pitching staff nod (this is actually wake's first all-star game which is cool)

and funny how it is that out of my official "5", the only two that got voted in were the pitchers who i couldn't vote for anyway. i wasn't surprised. so far, starting pitchers for both teams have not been announced.

kinsler and sandoval for the final vote!

as a whole i'm pretty cool with this lineup. except for the 1B and SS starters and other members of the evil empire but that's a given.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th

i'm off to a birthday party for my cousin later but that's about it for my festivities.

i went to the defenders/senators game last night, and i was a bit disappointed that the 1st-place defenders lost 9-2 to the washington nationals' double-A team, but i will admit that they do have some pretty darn good prospects (maybe the nationals wouldn't be quite so bad if they kept their prospects). i visited the baseball card guy and got the rest of my boys covered in my baseball card collection; i got 2 dan haren, a salty and a lincecum. i also got a consolation pack of vintage cards 'cause my sister was with me and not necessarily being the most behaved and she got her finger pinched in the display case so the guy gave her a pack of cards for free 'cause he felt bad. oh well.

sox lost to the mariners 7-6 in 11 innings which kinda stinks, ellsbury went 1 for 5, but wakefield broke the red sox record for career starts for huzzah for wake. the rangers beat tampa bay 3-1 and salty had an 0-fer but he got intentionally walked which is pretty awesome :). royals got shutouted by the white sox 5-zip but alex did his rehab game in triple-A last night and i'd give you the recap except i can't 'cause the game was suspended so they won't have the recap 'til the game is finished EDIT: he went 1 for 3 with 2 walks and a run, thank you alex will be doing more rehab in double-A. (oh, and ps: you gotta watch the video in the first link. it's so random and hilarious.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

take that!

the house didn't flood between the monsoons of last night and yesterday (thought at times it was coming down pretty hard and the pool is dangerously close to overflowing), i got to sleep in a bit and the sox had their own little mini-comeback! woo!

the sox won 6-5 in 11 after being down 5-1 in the beginning of the 9th inning. 4-run 9th to tie, and an ellsbury double + youk groundout + lugo single to bring ellsbury home in the 11th. and pap broke the sox's all-time saves record with his 133rd career and 20th season save so huzzah for pap.
the twins beat the royals 5-1, no outstanding news on alex's rehab but it's pretty much official that he won't be playing in the fenway series. his hitting is getting better but his running and lateral movement and stuff isn't that great (well hello it is hip rehab we're talking here) so let's hope for a soon-but-healthy return. and let's also hope that the royals don't trade teahen before alex comes back otherwise they'd be toast in the hot corner.
rangers beat the angels last night, salty went 0 for 2 with a HBP and an RBI strikeout that has a very interesting score recap: "J Saltalamacchia struck out swinging, J Saltalamacchia safe at first on wild pitch by J Weaver, H Blalock scored, J Borbon to third." (hey i think i've had that happen to me before, just without the rbi)

the look on his face makes it look like he's thinking "uh... i don't think that was s'posed to happen..."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

*air bubble*

since that was all i could bring myself to say when i saw this headline: "O's erase 9-run deficit in 7th, 8th to stun BoSox". i mean, for crying out loud we were up 9-zip after the 4th inning! how could we just give that up?! smoltz was doing awesome but once he was done, "the bullpen blowup of '09" happened. that's what it is deemed now since no other non-profanity-laced nickname will suit it. it was a good game to start too, ellsbury even hit a home run but that ruined it. i'm upset. *pout*
the sucky part is that last night went well for my other boys who played but the sox game kinda ruined it. dan haren got his 7th win, 6-2 over the reds with 9 Ks, and he even contributed with his first home run not only of the season but ever, and a double (and he got thrown out at home but that's ok) so i take back what i said about the d-backs not giving him any run support.

and look! he shaved!

the rangers beat the angels 9-5 and salty also hit a double but that was it.

k, well i guess those two games made me feel a bit better but i'm still not that happy about it >:(