Monday, June 29, 2009

tour guide mandachan: the poconos

(i told you guys i wouldn't get around to it 'til monday)

anyway, before i begin, i just wanted to say something about the celebrity world the past week. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO DIE IN DROVES?! i realize people die, it's a fact of life, but you almost never see just one person go. they have to go in groups. must be like how girls can never go anywhere without a buddy, even to the bathroom....

and now back to our scheduled program...

so. we actually stayed in PA monday to thursday, not sunday to thursday like i thought. the ride over wasn't bad, a bit long though (we got off I-84 right as we got over the NY/PA border and took rt. 209 which was scenic but very long...) and then we accidentally got onto the business version of 209 and got a bit lost but eventually we found our hotel. it was this really cool old-looking hotel (mom said it looked kinda like the one from the shining but since i've never seen that, i wouldn't know) and it was kinda fancy but not too horribly so.
we ate at this really cool diner up 611 that had a movie theater attached to it and the cool part was that you could order normal diner food and have it delivered into the movie theater (we ate too early to take it into the theater). since sam was with us, we saw up. warning: do not see up if you cry easily. luckily i don't but everyone was bawling in the theater and that really bothers me...
we went mini-golfing twice and i found a really tiny frog of which i'll post a picture of later and i got 3 hole-in-ones the second game even though the first one i hit a little too vigorously and it ricocheted off the side bumper things a few times, almost hit my sister and then fell back into the hole (see? a failure so epic it's almost a win!).
we went to this pretzel/candy factory business owned thing which was totally yummy even though they were like 3 miles apart so we couldn't take the pretzels and walk over to get them dipped :) but i did buy some chocolate-covered strawberry ball things, just haven't eaten them yet. we also ate at the tavern on-site of our hotel twice, the first night being appetizer night omg those wings were good with that sweet heat stuff ^_^ .
we went to a zoo which was practically in the middle of nowhere but they had a lot of animals for such a little zoo and the lions were miffed about something 'cause they had roaring spats which was quite entertaining.
finally, before we left on thursday, we went to bushkill falls which was sorta on the way back and we walked all around there which took about 2 hours and then we were stupid and decided to do paddleboats after our knees were already dead (bad planning on our part)

and now for the baseball part. even though this is totally old news, ellsbury went 4 for 4 last tuesday night with 2 singles and the first 2-triple game of his career and the sox won but i don't remember the score, and lincecum pitched another 7-hit CG. wednesday wasn't so hot 'cause haren got the loss for the 2-1 rangers win (dang that run support. it would've made it a bit better if salty did that damage but he wasn't playing.)
sox lost last night 2-1 to atlanta but hey it was close, zack greinke got his 10th win in a close 3-2 over the pirates, rangers got 1-hitted by the padres (and no it wasn't salty. gosh that's embarrassing.). lincecum is pitching tonight against the cardinals as we return to intraleague play, with the sox @ orioles, royals facing twins, and the rangers vs. angels.

i told you it'd be a ginormous post :)

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