Saturday, June 6, 2009


well that actually went really well. i didn't hear any major screwups from us aside from my little jam block situation and my hand was shaking so bad that the notes came out all shaky (like a ruff, for you fellow percussion peeps out there), and also the awkward photo op afterwards BUT WE WON'T GO THERE RIGHT NOW. it was a lot of fun and i'm really gonna miss the seniors, both in their awesomeness (and also in the sense that the percussion section is going to be horribly understaffed next year...)

rangers beat the sox last night 5-1 and both salty and ellsbury went 1 for 4. my parents pick on me for calling salty by his nickname but my response to that is "would you like to say 'saltalamacchia' more than once in a conversation?" i mean, yeah it's an awesome last name but it gets a little tongue-twisting after a while. especially for people who can't pronounce it to begin with (most of my friends, for example)

oh, and i was reading ESPN mag this morning while eating an english muffin and saw this interview of dan haren so i was all like "yay they interviewed someone i know!" (the only other two interviews of people i knew were of grady sizemore and david wright)


The EGE said...

Oh come on. Be nicer to yourself. Only you noticed the jam block thing - to the rest of us it sounded crisp and plenty loud. Your little bit of shakeage there was nothing to how much i was shaking for no reason during jazz band.

mandachan said...

dude, it's my job to find fault in anything i do. remember, i was born without the cockyness gene. i think you got mine :) haha jk