Wednesday, June 10, 2009

that wasn't so bad...

i only managed to almost trip over my grandparents and mom coming out of the aisle, i played a speed-version of YMCA, i started shaking uncontrollably from nerves which made me play faster, i screwed up a few times, and i managed to smash my knee on the bench in front of me walking back to my seat, but other than that...

gotta love them sox. i mean, of course i wasn't watching the game yesterday (i saw like 1 minute of the bottom of the 8th), but that was an awesome game. it's good to see big papi getting those big hits again, and it's always nice to see a two-hitter of the yankees, so yay for beckett.

haha the last few letters got cut off. oh well. you see all the Ks he had.

4:10pm- in more recent news, and as my last little tidbit of info for today, happy 1-year anniversary to the amateur geek. even though i am insanely jealous of the popularity that geeky little blog gets, i can't be too mad seeing as that if it weren't for me, it wouldn't exist. here's to another great year, david. i'll try to cut down on the snarky remarks :)

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