Sunday, June 7, 2009

still tiredddd...

then again, that's what happens when you stay up til 11 because of a rock concert. it wasn't a legit concert in the sense that it was at my school, but it was pretty cool 'cause it was for a good cause (jamnesty always is; this year it was for not for sale which tries to end human trafficking and basically reabolish slavery).

things i learned last night:
  • auditorium chairs are not comfortable AT ALL
  • screamo is surprisingly good at inducing the groggies (still trying to figure out why)
  • the only good way to communicate during a really loud concert is to type notes to each other on a cell phone
  • arms make good headrests
  • not having moveable armrests kinda sucked but it definitely kept me from falling asleep on anyone
  • a hard/punk rock version of "disturbia" by rihanna is actually a lot better than the original
  • and finally, sitting on a railing with a friend is the opposite of fighting on pedestals with those giant Q-tips: instead of trying to knock your friend off, you're trying to keep the both of you on. it's very challenging.
i missed lester's 2-hit CG (and salty and ellsbury playing) which kinda stinks but this was a lot of fun and i'll be able to watch the rubber game this afternoon. but if teagarden is catching i will not be a happy camper.

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