Thursday, June 18, 2009


so yay and all for no school but it makes me wonder if anyone in my house, namely my dog and little sister, understands the concept of "i want to sleep in when i don't have school"...

interleague recaps for ya:
  • the sox beat the marlins 6-1 with penny's 100th win (yay penny) and fenway's 500th consecutive sellout (yay fenway). it kinda sucks that the marlins' run was scored off an ellsbury error but hey, it was a line drive, those things are scary! (and it was his first error this year so that's pretty good). besides, he hit a home run and had a stolen base to make up for it.
  • the giants lost to the angels 4-3 and unfortunately lincecum got the loss, but otherwise it was a decently strong outing; 8 IP, 8 hits, 4 runs (3 earned), no walks and 9 Ks.
  • the rangers beat the astros 5-4 in 10 and salty hit a home run so yay for that.
i guess i should probably start my outlines for ap bio (mmrgh summer homework), so that's it for now. red sox vs. marlins @ 7:10 (lester's pitching), d-backs at royals @ 8:10 (dan haren is pitching so it's a darn good thing alex isn't playing yet...)

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