Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i gots a kudos!

it's just a little "hey it looks good" but since it came from the sports editor of a really awesome high school newspaper, i'll take that with high esteem. not to mention that brett gets extra double bonus points for having salty, lincecum and evan longoria on his fantasy team (even though he's a yankees fan...) :)

in the baseball world:
  • sox beat detroit yesterday 5-1 (finally a win for dice-k)
  • royals lost to tampa bay 6-2 (and evan longoria tweaked his left hammy yesterday but isn't expected to go on the DL which is always a bonus)
  • rangers got spanked by the yankees 12-3
  • d-backs lost 6-5 to the dodgers but it wasn't dan haren's fault so that's ok, and
  • giants lost 10-6 to the nationals (wow that's embarrassing) but it wasn't lincecum's fault
and for a comment from the peanut gallery, lincecum REALLY needs a haircut. he's awesome and everything but needs a haircut REALLY REALLY BADLY!!!!

...really really badly...

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