Friday, June 12, 2009


interesting stuff last night.

the first is a yay for the sox for sweeping the yankees again in a 4-3 win. that's always a good thing. penny did a great job pitching and luckily the offense fought back when they ran into some hairy spots with the relievers.

royals lost to the indians 4-3 but on a totally ridiculous situation. the winning run was scored because of some birds on the field. seriously. there was a bunch of seagulls parked in center field and choo hit a single straight at them which sent them into a tizzy which rendered crisp unable to field the ball amidst the chaos. and the run scored on that. come on. that's lame. yes, i realize that obviously i wanted the royals to win, even without alex, but i think that should've counted as interference or something.

rangers beat the bluejays 1-0 and salty got a hit, but i like this picture:

gotta love that last name :)

finally, the rays kicked butt last night, beating the angels 11-1, and yay for evan longoria and his home run. although i think he needed a hug after taking a wild pitch to the face (who wouldn't?)

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