Monday, June 1, 2009

dlgm #1 - HOBY

so. big giant review post. here goes.

i went to the HOBY conference (the CT version, down in bridgeport), and it was a lot of fun. the ride down was a little hairy: driving down I-95 at 7am is not cool, big cities are scary at times, and it didn't help that i was an idiot and printed out the wrong directions but that's ok 'cause we got the right ones.
once i got there and threw my crap in the dorm room, they had us all together for icebreaker stuff like human bingo and we met up with our group (WOO GROUP F!!!!). our activities consisted of:
  • making a pasta tower (didn't go so hot but not a total failure)
  • panel sessions about entrepreneurship, political involvement, education, financial stuff and volunteering (boring at times but the entrepreneurship one was pretty neat)
  • talking about random crap
  • doing random cheers like the "brown squirrel", "crazy moose", the burrito cheer and that last one that i'll have to strangle the next person who says that o-word
and then the free-market challenge. good stuff. we had to basically start a business with our group to create and sell a product. we had to do all the paperwork with rent and loans and stuff, "buy" our supplies (we had a monopoly on paper and it was great), make them and sell them during the 2 market sessions. what did we make? "f-bombs". they're basically little origami cubes that you can either put confetti, etc, in and rip open to get the explosion or if you made them out of construction paper (hence the monopoly) and filled them with water and let them sog up a bit, you can throw them at people and they'll blow up. they were a lot of fun to make, we sold out first session and had to make more, and we ended up winning the competition in terms of profit so yay for that!

and now that i realize that i won't have room for the actual dlgm posts and that i basically summed it up anyway, i'll just end this with a shout-out to my group, the Firecrackers (unofficially the "F-Bombers"). love you guys!

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