Saturday, June 13, 2009

and you wonder why i like these people...

out of my 5 "buddies", the 3 that did play yesterday did AMAZING. it was awesome.

the red sox beat the phillies 5-2 in 13 innings last night, ellsbury with the last RBI. it was intense, mostly after howard's moonshot in the 9th ruining lester's chance at a win.

the giants beat the a's 3-0 behind lincecum's 7-hit CG shutout. how can anyone not love a guy this awesome?

(he still really needs a haircut, though...)

the d-backs creamed the astros 8-1 and dan haren pitched a beautiful 2-hit CG.

(that doesn't look too comfortable...)

the rangers and royals also won, but salty had the night off and alex OBVIOUSLY didn't play... (although, speaking of alex, he's starting to take light swings. i'm starting to doubt that he'll be in check for the fenway series in july but i'm just hoping he'll be back to play at some point this year)

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