Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and now for a slightly less ginormous post

i really don't like doing long posts. even i get bored reading them. and they're my posts.

so. baseball recap.
  • lincecum pitched his third complete game of the season, a lovely 2-hit shutout of the cardinals to bring his season record to 8 and 2. he issued no walks and 8 Ks. and he is just too darn cute. i mean, look at him!

(yes even though he is still in desperate need of a haircut).
and in ex-defenders news, ishikawa hit a 3-run home run so yay for that.
  • the red sox beat baltimore on lester's 7-inning shutout effort, and drew was a double away from hitting for the cycle (and he scored two and ribbied another, so he was in charge of 3 of the 4 runs, which is cool). ellsbury went 1 for 3 with a single, a HBP, a run and 2 SB. lowell sat out after getting a shot for his hip and some fluid removed, and pap tied the red sox record for saves with his 132nd save last night.
  • royals beat the twins 4-2, and the latest news on alex is that he's rehabbing in arizona (the spring training facility) and he hit a home run in a game on the 26th so that's a good sign.
dan haren pitches tonight and salty was off. sox @ orioles 7:05, d-backs @ reds 7:10, rangers vs. angels 8:05, royals vs. twins 8:05.

oh, speaking of lincecum, i finally got mlb 2k9 except it's at the EGE's house 'cause i don't have a wii. the controls are a tad confusing and we played an exhibition game as the royals (we wanted to be the sox but again, we were confused) and we were losing like 13-zip in the 4th inning and david hit ellsbury twice and pedroia once with a pitch even though i told him not to and alex looks really funny and teahen and dejesus collided in the outfield and it was HILARIOUS :)

and for a last little tidbit, you may have noticed that i started labeling my posts (took me a few hours yesterday but i sucked it up) because someone suggested i should. that person knows who they are. oh well, hope it helps for... something...?


Ellie said...

i tried labeling my posts. but then i got bored.

and that lincecum pic would be cuter if he had shorter hair. but otherwise it's really cute

mandachan said...

i know! labeling is really a P.I.T.A (if you know what i mean), and lincecum's lack of a haircut is really starting to get annoying. kinda like when dan haren doesn't shave.