Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 week left!

officially one week left, including exams! yay! the only bad part about that is that tonight is my end-of-the-"year" recital for piano and i'm really worried. as in more worried than for the band concert. it's mostly 'cause if i screw up in a band concert, no one will notice unless i have a solo which doesn't happen in percussion, but if i screw up at the recital, it's kinda obvious 'cause i'm the only one playing at that time and i'm playing ymca so it's not like no one knows the song.

red sox vs. yankees at home, 7:05 (dangit i'll miss most of it). and here's to hoping ellsbury doesn't go on the DL for straining his shoulder.

and finally, happy birthday to johnny depp, michael j. fox and my dad :)


The EGE said...

My facebook status:
"7-0 sox. god that's beautiful"

mandachan said...

gotta love them sox <3