Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and now for a slightly less ginormous post

i really don't like doing long posts. even i get bored reading them. and they're my posts.

so. baseball recap.
  • lincecum pitched his third complete game of the season, a lovely 2-hit shutout of the cardinals to bring his season record to 8 and 2. he issued no walks and 8 Ks. and he is just too darn cute. i mean, look at him!

(yes even though he is still in desperate need of a haircut).
and in ex-defenders news, ishikawa hit a 3-run home run so yay for that.
  • the red sox beat baltimore on lester's 7-inning shutout effort, and drew was a double away from hitting for the cycle (and he scored two and ribbied another, so he was in charge of 3 of the 4 runs, which is cool). ellsbury went 1 for 3 with a single, a HBP, a run and 2 SB. lowell sat out after getting a shot for his hip and some fluid removed, and pap tied the red sox record for saves with his 132nd save last night.
  • royals beat the twins 4-2, and the latest news on alex is that he's rehabbing in arizona (the spring training facility) and he hit a home run in a game on the 26th so that's a good sign.
dan haren pitches tonight and salty was off. sox @ orioles 7:05, d-backs @ reds 7:10, rangers vs. angels 8:05, royals vs. twins 8:05.

oh, speaking of lincecum, i finally got mlb 2k9 except it's at the EGE's house 'cause i don't have a wii. the controls are a tad confusing and we played an exhibition game as the royals (we wanted to be the sox but again, we were confused) and we were losing like 13-zip in the 4th inning and david hit ellsbury twice and pedroia once with a pitch even though i told him not to and alex looks really funny and teahen and dejesus collided in the outfield and it was HILARIOUS :)

and for a last little tidbit, you may have noticed that i started labeling my posts (took me a few hours yesterday but i sucked it up) because someone suggested i should. that person knows who they are. oh well, hope it helps for... something...?

Monday, June 29, 2009

tour guide mandachan: the poconos

(i told you guys i wouldn't get around to it 'til monday)

anyway, before i begin, i just wanted to say something about the celebrity world the past week. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO DIE IN DROVES?! i realize people die, it's a fact of life, but you almost never see just one person go. they have to go in groups. must be like how girls can never go anywhere without a buddy, even to the bathroom....

and now back to our scheduled program...

so. we actually stayed in PA monday to thursday, not sunday to thursday like i thought. the ride over wasn't bad, a bit long though (we got off I-84 right as we got over the NY/PA border and took rt. 209 which was scenic but very long...) and then we accidentally got onto the business version of 209 and got a bit lost but eventually we found our hotel. it was this really cool old-looking hotel (mom said it looked kinda like the one from the shining but since i've never seen that, i wouldn't know) and it was kinda fancy but not too horribly so.
we ate at this really cool diner up 611 that had a movie theater attached to it and the cool part was that you could order normal diner food and have it delivered into the movie theater (we ate too early to take it into the theater). since sam was with us, we saw up. warning: do not see up if you cry easily. luckily i don't but everyone was bawling in the theater and that really bothers me...
we went mini-golfing twice and i found a really tiny frog of which i'll post a picture of later and i got 3 hole-in-ones the second game even though the first one i hit a little too vigorously and it ricocheted off the side bumper things a few times, almost hit my sister and then fell back into the hole (see? a failure so epic it's almost a win!).
we went to this pretzel/candy factory business owned thing which was totally yummy even though they were like 3 miles apart so we couldn't take the pretzels and walk over to get them dipped :) but i did buy some chocolate-covered strawberry ball things, just haven't eaten them yet. we also ate at the tavern on-site of our hotel twice, the first night being appetizer night omg those wings were good with that sweet heat stuff ^_^ .
we went to a zoo which was practically in the middle of nowhere but they had a lot of animals for such a little zoo and the lions were miffed about something 'cause they had roaring spats which was quite entertaining.
finally, before we left on thursday, we went to bushkill falls which was sorta on the way back and we walked all around there which took about 2 hours and then we were stupid and decided to do paddleboats after our knees were already dead (bad planning on our part)

and now for the baseball part. even though this is totally old news, ellsbury went 4 for 4 last tuesday night with 2 singles and the first 2-triple game of his career and the sox won but i don't remember the score, and lincecum pitched another 7-hit CG. wednesday wasn't so hot 'cause haren got the loss for the 2-1 rangers win (dang that run support. it would've made it a bit better if salty did that damage but he wasn't playing.)
sox lost last night 2-1 to atlanta but hey it was close, zack greinke got his 10th win in a close 3-2 over the pirates, rangers got 1-hitted by the padres (and no it wasn't salty. gosh that's embarrassing.). lincecum is pitching tonight against the cardinals as we return to intraleague play, with the sox @ orioles, royals facing twins, and the rangers vs. angels.

i told you it'd be a ginormous post :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


yeah sorry i didn't post yesterday but i was kinda tired...
the "tour guide mandachan: the poconos" edition will come at a later date, probably monday 'cause i don't feel like posting much right now. and i'll do a big baseball recap one too.

has anyone else noticed that i got like 30 visits chopped off my counter? i'll have to fix that later...

oh well. write back in a few days.

Friday, June 19, 2009

yet another break

sorryyyy, this time i'm going to pennsylvania with my family from sunday to thursday i think. don't miss me too much :)

as for the baseball-ness, sox lost the rain-shortened game to the marlins 2-1 (it was only 6 innings but hey it was close) and ellsbury had an SB. dan haren beasted against the royals, getting his 6th win in the 12-5 blowout. and what is it and my pitchers' hair? lincecum needs a haircut and haren REALLY NEEDS A SHAVE!!!! i mean, look at him!

oh well. see y'all when i get back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


so yay and all for no school but it makes me wonder if anyone in my house, namely my dog and little sister, understands the concept of "i want to sleep in when i don't have school"...

interleague recaps for ya:
  • the sox beat the marlins 6-1 with penny's 100th win (yay penny) and fenway's 500th consecutive sellout (yay fenway). it kinda sucks that the marlins' run was scored off an ellsbury error but hey, it was a line drive, those things are scary! (and it was his first error this year so that's pretty good). besides, he hit a home run and had a stolen base to make up for it.
  • the giants lost to the angels 4-3 and unfortunately lincecum got the loss, but otherwise it was a decently strong outing; 8 IP, 8 hits, 4 runs (3 earned), no walks and 9 Ks.
  • the rangers beat the astros 5-4 in 10 and salty hit a home run so yay for that.
i guess i should probably start my outlines for ap bio (mmrgh summer homework), so that's it for now. red sox vs. marlins @ 7:10 (lester's pitching), d-backs at royals @ 8:10 (dan haren is pitching so it's a darn good thing alex isn't playing yet...)

Monday, June 15, 2009

happy lincecum day!

well technically he's not pitching today (remember the 7-hit CG SO last friday?), but i believe the reigning cy young winner deserves a little birthday post. happy 25th, timmy!

(pictures from espn mag, sports illustrated, espn.com, mlb insiders mag and other misc. places)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

and you wonder why i like these people...

out of my 5 "buddies", the 3 that did play yesterday did AMAZING. it was awesome.

the red sox beat the phillies 5-2 in 13 innings last night, ellsbury with the last RBI. it was intense, mostly after howard's moonshot in the 9th ruining lester's chance at a win.

the giants beat the a's 3-0 behind lincecum's 7-hit CG shutout. how can anyone not love a guy this awesome?

(he still really needs a haircut, though...)

the d-backs creamed the astros 8-1 and dan haren pitched a beautiful 2-hit CG.

(that doesn't look too comfortable...)

the rangers and royals also won, but salty had the night off and alex OBVIOUSLY didn't play... (although, speaking of alex, he's starting to take light swings. i'm starting to doubt that he'll be in check for the fenway series in july but i'm just hoping he'll be back to play at some point this year)

Friday, June 12, 2009


interesting stuff last night.

the first is a yay for the sox for sweeping the yankees again in a 4-3 win. that's always a good thing. penny did a great job pitching and luckily the offense fought back when they ran into some hairy spots with the relievers.

royals lost to the indians 4-3 but on a totally ridiculous situation. the winning run was scored because of some birds on the field. seriously. there was a bunch of seagulls parked in center field and choo hit a single straight at them which sent them into a tizzy which rendered crisp unable to field the ball amidst the chaos. and the run scored on that. come on. that's lame. yes, i realize that obviously i wanted the royals to win, even without alex, but i think that should've counted as interference or something.

rangers beat the bluejays 1-0 and salty got a hit, but i like this picture:

gotta love that last name :)

finally, the rays kicked butt last night, beating the angels 11-1, and yay for evan longoria and his home run. although i think he needed a hug after taking a wild pitch to the face (who wouldn't?)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

that wasn't so bad...

i only managed to almost trip over my grandparents and mom coming out of the aisle, i played a speed-version of YMCA, i started shaking uncontrollably from nerves which made me play faster, i screwed up a few times, and i managed to smash my knee on the bench in front of me walking back to my seat, but other than that...

gotta love them sox. i mean, of course i wasn't watching the game yesterday (i saw like 1 minute of the bottom of the 8th), but that was an awesome game. it's good to see big papi getting those big hits again, and it's always nice to see a two-hitter of the yankees, so yay for beckett.

haha the last few letters got cut off. oh well. you see all the Ks he had.

4:10pm- in more recent news, and as my last little tidbit of info for today, happy 1-year anniversary to the amateur geek. even though i am insanely jealous of the popularity that geeky little blog gets, i can't be too mad seeing as that if it weren't for me, it wouldn't exist. here's to another great year, david. i'll try to cut down on the snarky remarks :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 week left!

officially one week left, including exams! yay! the only bad part about that is that tonight is my end-of-the-"year" recital for piano and i'm really worried. as in more worried than for the band concert. it's mostly 'cause if i screw up in a band concert, no one will notice unless i have a solo which doesn't happen in percussion, but if i screw up at the recital, it's kinda obvious 'cause i'm the only one playing at that time and i'm playing ymca so it's not like no one knows the song.

red sox vs. yankees at home, 7:05 (dangit i'll miss most of it). and here's to hoping ellsbury doesn't go on the DL for straining his shoulder.

and finally, happy birthday to johnny depp, michael j. fox and my dad :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

still tiredddd...

then again, that's what happens when you stay up til 11 because of a rock concert. it wasn't a legit concert in the sense that it was at my school, but it was pretty cool 'cause it was for a good cause (jamnesty always is; this year it was for not for sale which tries to end human trafficking and basically reabolish slavery).

things i learned last night:
  • auditorium chairs are not comfortable AT ALL
  • screamo is surprisingly good at inducing the groggies (still trying to figure out why)
  • the only good way to communicate during a really loud concert is to type notes to each other on a cell phone
  • arms make good headrests
  • not having moveable armrests kinda sucked but it definitely kept me from falling asleep on anyone
  • a hard/punk rock version of "disturbia" by rihanna is actually a lot better than the original
  • and finally, sitting on a railing with a friend is the opposite of fighting on pedestals with those giant Q-tips: instead of trying to knock your friend off, you're trying to keep the both of you on. it's very challenging.
i missed lester's 2-hit CG (and salty and ellsbury playing) which kinda stinks but this was a lot of fun and i'll be able to watch the rubber game this afternoon. but if teagarden is catching i will not be a happy camper.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


well that actually went really well. i didn't hear any major screwups from us aside from my little jam block situation and my hand was shaking so bad that the notes came out all shaky (like a ruff, for you fellow percussion peeps out there), and also the awkward photo op afterwards BUT WE WON'T GO THERE RIGHT NOW. it was a lot of fun and i'm really gonna miss the seniors, both in their awesomeness (and also in the sense that the percussion section is going to be horribly understaffed next year...)

rangers beat the sox last night 5-1 and both salty and ellsbury went 1 for 4. my parents pick on me for calling salty by his nickname but my response to that is "would you like to say 'saltalamacchia' more than once in a conversation?" i mean, yeah it's an awesome last name but it gets a little tongue-twisting after a while. especially for people who can't pronounce it to begin with (most of my friends, for example)

oh, and i was reading ESPN mag this morning while eating an english muffin and saw this interview of dan haren so i was all like "yay they interviewed someone i know!" (the only other two interviews of people i knew were of grady sizemore and david wright)

Friday, June 5, 2009

getting there...

including exam days, i only have 9 days left of school! yay! tonight's our last band concert and it is going to be... let's say "interesting". mostly 'cause we have to work around the riser-esque things and trying to cram all of percussion into about 1/6 of the stage is not fun. and tuning a timpani while everyone else is playing is not fun either. but it should go fine.

baseball! new series starts tonight, rangers at red sox (ellsbury vs. salty showdown anyone?), royals at bluejays.

and i think i'll get something to eat 'cause my stomach is growling. have fun.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i gots a kudos!

it's just a little "hey it looks good" but since it came from the sports editor of a really awesome high school newspaper, i'll take that with high esteem. not to mention that brett gets extra double bonus points for having salty, lincecum and evan longoria on his fantasy team (even though he's a yankees fan...) :)

in the baseball world:
  • sox beat detroit yesterday 5-1 (finally a win for dice-k)
  • royals lost to tampa bay 6-2 (and evan longoria tweaked his left hammy yesterday but isn't expected to go on the DL which is always a bonus)
  • rangers got spanked by the yankees 12-3
  • d-backs lost 6-5 to the dodgers but it wasn't dan haren's fault so that's ok, and
  • giants lost 10-6 to the nationals (wow that's embarrassing) but it wasn't lincecum's fault
and for a comment from the peanut gallery, lincecum REALLY needs a haircut. he's awesome and everything but needs a haircut REALLY REALLY BADLY!!!!

...really really badly...

Monday, June 1, 2009

dlgm #1 - HOBY

so. big giant review post. here goes.

i went to the HOBY conference (the CT version, down in bridgeport), and it was a lot of fun. the ride down was a little hairy: driving down I-95 at 7am is not cool, big cities are scary at times, and it didn't help that i was an idiot and printed out the wrong directions but that's ok 'cause we got the right ones.
once i got there and threw my crap in the dorm room, they had us all together for icebreaker stuff like human bingo and we met up with our group (WOO GROUP F!!!!). our activities consisted of:
  • making a pasta tower (didn't go so hot but not a total failure)
  • panel sessions about entrepreneurship, political involvement, education, financial stuff and volunteering (boring at times but the entrepreneurship one was pretty neat)
  • talking about random crap
  • doing random cheers like the "brown squirrel", "crazy moose", the burrito cheer and that last one that i'll have to strangle the next person who says that o-word
and then the free-market challenge. good stuff. we had to basically start a business with our group to create and sell a product. we had to do all the paperwork with rent and loans and stuff, "buy" our supplies (we had a monopoly on paper and it was great), make them and sell them during the 2 market sessions. what did we make? "f-bombs". they're basically little origami cubes that you can either put confetti, etc, in and rip open to get the explosion or if you made them out of construction paper (hence the monopoly) and filled them with water and let them sog up a bit, you can throw them at people and they'll blow up. they were a lot of fun to make, we sold out first session and had to make more, and we ended up winning the competition in terms of profit so yay for that!

and now that i realize that i won't have room for the actual dlgm posts and that i basically summed it up anyway, i'll just end this with a shout-out to my group, the Firecrackers (unofficially the "F-Bombers"). love you guys!