Monday, May 11, 2009


we killed two birds with one stone today! metaphorically speaking, of course.

bird #1: we FINALLY won, and what a way to do it. 24-2. i love slugfests (well, when we're doing the slugging...).

bird #2: i FINALLY got a hit! yay! it was a lovely little blooper over the 3rd baseman, and i eventually came around to score (on a bases-loaded walk, but hey, i got on base and i scored). i also lined out to 2nd (once again, happy to make contact), reached on an error and got walked (and later scored).

so yeah, basically a little confidence booster for all of us. let's hope we can keep it up :)

(sorry, ellie, i know this doesn't really help your game situation-ness but i had to post this since we haven't been doing so hot lately)

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