Saturday, May 2, 2009

o m freaking g

we have now lost 4 in a row. i mean, those first two weren't any surprises, but for crying out loud! we lost 9-8 to an 0 and 7 team (at least it was close) and then we lost again yesterday 16-14 to a team we beat earlier in the season (the fact that it was raining and giving up that 12-run inning didn't help us, obviously).
the kicker is that in these 4 games we've lost, i've played a grand total of 1 inning. 1 inning! i realize that "my lack of experience could potentially be detrimental to the success of our team" but sitting out isn't exactly the best confidence booster, either. i didn't even make it onto the field these past two games except to warm up, i K-ed last at-bat (last saturday) and i played in left on tuesday for an inning only to field a foul ball and throw it back in. grr.

anyway, baseball hasn't been that great either, especially this red sox/rays series. thursday night was almost embarassing, having matt "mr. big nose" garza pitching a 1-hitter and the rays kicking some serious butt (13-zip was the final score). thank goodness for ellsbury's tchotchky infield single. last night was a little better (we lost 6-2) but i'm bummed at how epically amazing evan longoria is and that his awesomeness has to be on the rays.

but to end this on a happy note, happy 24th birthday, salty!

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